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Meet the Owners:

John Martens and Steve Vesosky, are owners of M & V Garlic Farm, which is located in Central New York. Steve started growing garlic with his father in their family garden when he was 10 years old, and has continued on a small scale for the past 40 years. John has been in the agriculture business for 40 years. With John's experience in agriculture and Steve's garlic growing experience, it was an easy decision that they could grow quality garlic together.

About our Garlic:

M & V Garlic Farm grows only hard-neck garlic which has far superior taste than soft-neck garlic, which you would find in most supermarkets. Most soft-neck garlic comes from China or California. At this time, we only grow German White, Music, and Ukrainian Red.

Central New York is excellent for growing hard- neck garlic because of the cold winter climate. We grow between 15,000 and 20,000 bulbs depending on the previous growing season. All of our garlic is planted, harvested & dried by hand. Because we are a small farm, we can control the quality of the garlic in which we sell. We would rather be small, sell less and have our customers satisfied with our product.

At M & V Garlic we begin our planting in October. It takes about a month to complete depending on weather. In mid to late July, the following year we begin to harvest the garlic. For a longer shelf life we then hang and dry the bulbs for 3 – 4 weeks. At this point the bulbs are cleaned and inspected by hand before shipping. Keep this in mind when ordering your garlic, as we will not ship any garlic until it has been cleaned and inspected. Once you place your order we will ship within 7 business days.

We also have scapes available around mid June. Scapes are a stem which grows from the center of the plant and produces bulbils. We remove the scapes to ensure all the plants energy to go into producing a larger bulb. The scapes are great in stir fries, soups, salads, or steamed vegetables.

At M & V Garlic Farm we strive to provide our customers with quality garlic. We welcome any emails with comments or questions. You can contact us by phone, 315-406-8917, or by using our Contact Form.


About M & V Garlic Farm
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